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明日、Destiny 2 はメンテナンスのため、一時的にオフラインになります。@BungieHelp で更新情報を確認してください。


11/11/2018 10:14:44 PM
Hi. Thanks for your report. You may want to perform a [url=]scan and repair[/url] in the app to see if that may help with your issue. If that doesn't work, delete the following local cache/settings directories: [quote] [quote]- %PROGRAMDATA%\ – %APPDATA%\ – %LOCALAPPDATA%\ – %APPDATA%\Bungie\DestinyPC[/quote] [b]*WARNING* Deleting these will cause you to lose persisted settings, such as logged in users, keybinds and graphics settings in Destiny, etc.[/b] [i]The directory names above are actual paths that can be used in Windows Explorer. For example, if you enter "%PROGRAMDATA%" in the Windows Explorer address bar, it will automatically take you to C:\ProgramData (default), which is a hidden directory.[/i][/quote]



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