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Supplemental income idea for Bungie

Good Idea


Bad Idea




I can’t find a topic to post this in for @Bungie. I’ve seen the recent topics about increasing micro transactions, and I have a decent idea that won’t be too bad. A Mobile Game. Before everyone jumps down my throat, hear me out. I am in No Way advocating that this idea should replace the base game. This is more a supplemental idea for income. I say this because of the controversy surrounding Diablo Immortal. In Destiny and Destiny 2 we have amassed an Armada of different ships to get us from planet to moons. We traverse this system in STYLE. But that’s all it is. So, how about creating a Mobile game that connects to our accounts, and uses the ships we have collected in game, as a Top-Down Ship Shooter. This gives incentive to find and collect ships in Destiny and Destiny 2 to broaden this Mobile Games collection. And you can even offer some ships that are earned through this mobile app, and transferable over to Destiny 2. This way. Destiny 2, itself is not flooded with a bunch of controversial micro transactions. You can make use of our accounts, with rewards that don’t really do much IN Destiny 2, but what we do in Destiny 2 CAN Reward Players in this Mobile App. And as expected, the Mobile app would be ripe with micro transactions a plenty. Providing a supplemental income, without sacrificing the main game. But rather promoting the main game. Just an idea I had...



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