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Harsh Division [XBOX]

Harsh Division is looking to grow. Our mission is to create an environment in which an active pool of like-minded individuals can come together and play Destiny 2. The Guardians of Harsh Division are a diverse group gamers from all walks of life that simply enjoy playing the game. With our veterans having thousands of hours of D1 and D2 gameplay and countless raid clears under their belt the depth of experience provides something for both new and seasoned Guardians alike. Whether you want to push endgame PVE or PVP content, learn and gain some experience, or are simply searching for some people with whom to enjoy some Destiny we invite you to the Divide. [b]|[u]Requirements[/u]|[/b] -Be an active member of our community and make a positive contribution to the clan. -Have both Discord and a microphone for communication. -Ages 18 and up (maturity is more important than age here, exceptions are made) -Sense of humor. Take a little, give a little, be humble, have fun. [url=]Harsh Division[/url]



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