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10/31/2018 9:28:27 PM

Who else wants trace rifles to use primary ammo or have a much better ammo economy?

I would absolutely love it if trace rifles could use primary ammo instead of special ammo. If we need like a 5% decrease in damage i'll take it but i just wanna shoot my lazer beam more often without having to go look for ammo, I would understand it if trace rifles can't be primaries because of damage or time to kill or how good they would be, but please don't make me spawn with half of my magazine in crucible, and please don't make it so I have to be switching back to my primary just because i only got one magazine's worth of ammo on a brick, and only got like one brick for every 20 or so enemies that i've killed. I would go as far as to say that if the ammo finder perks worked better I'd be happy with using trace rifles. My only problem is ammo and how hard it is to find it while using trace rifles, and i really think that something needs to be changed.



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