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10/25/2018 3:42:10 PM

Raid - Shuro Chi - Bug

During our raid run last night for the final damage phase with Shuro Chi we bugged the checkpoint where we could not re-spawn or move to the next checkpoint, even though we beat her. Here's what happened: during the last 1/6th damage phase, Shuro Chi was defeated at the same time that everyone was wiped by her purge. It counted and gave us the rewards as seen in the video link included. Unfortunately we never re-spawned and Shuro Chi even froze in her now normal form. The victory vocals were still playing where she talks to us, but nothing ever happened when it finished. We went to orbit in hopes of flying back in with access to the next area, but instead we were place back at the beginning of Shuro Chi. To avoid this encounter again we got a person's second character to give us the first area to enter the wish to teleport straight to the next area. If anyone else encounters this I suggest having one person (not the fireteam leader) leave and join back to revive everyone to save you time and trouble. I know this is probably a very rare bug to kill her and get wiped at the same time, but it is just an annoying bug that I wanted to share. We were playing on the Xbox One, but it could probably happen on any system.



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