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10/19/2018 3:15:53 PM

PS4 | 18+ | US | Looking for AU and UK/EU time zone Players! | Raids | Gambit | QP + Comp | Discord req. | DLC req. |

Hello Everyone! The [b]Judgment Loyalists[/b] are looking for guardians who play on Australian or UK/EU time! We are mostly US time based, but we have quite a few players who play on AU and UK time and we want to increase our arsenal of AU and UK/EU players! If you are looking for an active clan in all time zones, this is your best bet! In terms of requirements, we look to have members be 18 years or older for maturity, and have some experience. [b]By experience, we look for the following:[/b] [b]**Raid Experience **PvP Experience **Light Level at least 550 **Endgame Content Experience (Gambit, Nightfall, Exotic quests completed, etc..)[/b] We do not require specific stat requirements, but we are looking for relative casual experience. Please consider joining! We want to help the Australians and UK/EU members in our clan and you could do just that! We are an experienced group of people and very friendly. We treat clan members with fairness and the community we have is so fun and welcoming! [b]We use Discord to collaborate with clan members and create events. This is a requirement upon joining. Discord is an amazing app to communicate and join up on members![/b] [b]If you are interested in joining our clan, please direct message me (jazzj98) our our clan leader (InfiniteArazen) in the Destiny Companion App. **Please read this post thoroughly and make sure you meet the requirements.** Thank you for considering us![/b] [b]Check out our clan page here! :[/b]



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