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10/21/2018 3:22:08 AM

Asterisk: Spin-off: The Void, Part 15

(Part 15. Saitonia, Cell-3, Ben10Howard, Robo Owl, and Shrek have recovered in the central area of the citadel) Cell-3: *looking at shrek*. “Hm, how are you feeling Shrek?” Shrek: *monotone voice*. “I feel....terrible, I’m also experiencing some side affects from the transformation” Saitonia: “I didn’t get any side affects when that first happened to me, I guess I did die afterwords” Cell-3: “don’t feel upset Shrek, what happened was really bad but there wasn’t much that could have been done” Shrek: “sigh.......anyway, where are the others?” Ben10Howard: “they ran off somewhere, I think they went into the northern part of the citadel” Robo Owl: “we should go there as soon as we can, the sooner we find the others the better” Saitonia: “if the others were to turn into hollows.....could be trouble” Cell-3: *stands up and stretches*. “Let’s go then” (The 5 players stand up from their rest and head into the northern part of the citadel in hopes that they can find Hammer and the rest of the group that was with him, however, Rudigator and his challenges are the only thing they will find. The 5 players open a random door in the halls of the north wing and walk into a gauntlet area) Cell-3: *scanning the area*. “I don’t see any enemies here” Rudigator: *speaking through comms*. “Welcome! To the gauntlet.....nothing survives this challenge.” Saitonia: “who’s speaking?!” Rudigator: “I am Rudigator, the ruler of this wing. You 5 humans look very similar to the ones that were here earlier, might you be apart of the same group? Robo Owl: “damn, we are late.” Saitonia: *speaking out to Rudigator*. “Where are the others?” Rudigator: “I’m glad you asked! I slaughtered them like pigs, it was quite amusing to see them panic in confusion haha!” Cell-3: “bâstard....” Shrek: “sigh, I’m still not feeling good..” Ben10Howard: “just be careful Shrek, you’ll be fine” Saitonia: “so how do we run this gauntlet of yours eh?” Rudigator: “you said it yourself, run” Saitonia: “that’s it? Run?” Rudigator: “run the gauntlet and don’t die. Go to slow and the death trap following you will eat you alive” (The players look behind them and the door shuts, the gauntlet starts up and a giant machine with spinning blades drops down from the ceiling. Cell-3 launches a plasma bomb at the machine but nothing happens) Rudigator: “you can’t destroy it haha! Run!” Cell-3: “Damnit.” (Part 15 over)



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