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10/17/2018 10:31:46 PM

Asterisk: Spin-off: The Void, Part 14

(Part 14. The orbs that were in the players hands have blown up and affected the players with the side effects. Hammer has been badly poisoned, All the blood in Ninjas body has rushed out of him killing him, MlonirSchrpang had half his face blown to pieces from the damage orb, Texas is corrupted) CobaltHunter: *looking at his teammates, not knowing what to do*. “....I can’t do anything..” HammerFist: “I...can’t....move” Rudigator: *switches his left arm to a rocket launcher*. “Look at the fear, the sadness, such entertainment” (Another white orb drops from the ceiling and cobalt grabs it, throwing it at the boss. Minor damage) CobaltHunter: “what the hell is the strategy here??” (Rudigator aims his rocket arm at MlonirSchrpang and blows him to pieces with a flaming missile) Rudigator: “3 left” Texas Jedi: “....” HammerFist: “.....” CobaltHunter: *heavy breathing*. “....” Rudigator: “maybe I should have let you go through some more challenges before facing me, I regret” (Texas begins to panic from the corruption on his body and explodes in a darkness bomb, destroying the floor of the throne room. Cobalt and Hammer fall into the depths of the citadel, escaping Rudigator) CobaltHunter: *looking up*. “I don’t think he will follow us” HammerFist: “good thing we don’t take fall damage, well, kinda.” CobaltHunter: “did the poison wear off hammer?” HammerFist: “I feel normal so.....maybe?” CobaltHunter: *depressed*. “I can’t believe we lost everyone....” HammerFist: “just be thankful that we got out while we did, that boss had some wonky mechanics” CobaltHunter: “more like he was controlling what was happening, I don’t think we had a chance of killing him from the beginning” HammerFist: “hm...let’s hope we don’t run into him again” CobaltHunter: *looking around*. “Where are we?” HammerFist: “kind of looks like a dungeon, we fell pretty far” CobaltHunter: “let’s look around, I wonder if anyone else is still alive, we did get separated from a couple people” HammerFist: “we can hope” (End of Part 14. Part 15 will go back with Saitonia, Cell-3 and the others back in the central part of the citadel.)



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