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10/13/2018 9:19:14 PM

Asterisk: Spin-off: The Void, Part 12

(In the throne room, at the north wing of the citadel, Rudigator welcomes HammerFist and the rest of the squad) Rudigator: *drinking from a chalice*. “Welcome, I’ve been waiting for entities like you all to show up to my wing. I would have had more challenges for you all but I was so eager to meet you” Snowy: *looking around on edge*. “Are you the ruler of this citadel?” Rudigator: “no” CobaltHunter: *whispering to Ninja*. “This dude is huge, I feel if we get into a fight with him we are screwed” TheChubbyNinja: “ stomach is still messed up” HammerFist: “So, why did you call us here...Rudigator is it? Dumbest name I’ve ever heard” Rudigator: *glaring at hammer behind his helmet*. “Chain user......” (Rudigator stands up from his throne, his full body is covered with heavy black plating armor and his face is covered by an odd looking helmet with only 1 eye socket, the armor is extremely thick with no penetration points, and he also has a long cape on his back. He points both his hands forward and unleashes a shadow wave across the room, teleporting all the players into a shadow realm) Snowy: “what is this?” HammerFist: “I think something made him mad” CobaltHunter: “this is not what I wanted to happen...” (Texas Jedi, TheChubbyNinja, and MlonirSchrpang get teleported back into the throne room, the others are still trapped in the shadow realm) Mister mustard: “Where did they go?” Snowy: *points up*. “Look!” (A meteor shower rains down on the players in the shadow realm and kills mister mustard, teleporting him back into the throne room) Mister mustard: “what is happening?!” Texas Jedi: *runs over to mustard*. “Are you ok man?” Mister mustard: “I think so....I feel strange...” (Rudigator extends his arms in the throne room and shows his giant pincer arms. He shoots lasers at the players in the throne room, however, the lasers are easily able to be dodged) TheChubbyNinja: “I feel like something is gonna get confusing in a minute...” (In the shadow realm) Snowy: “wind is starting to pick up....” HammerFist: “for real!” (The wind in the room pulls hammer, snowy and cobalt into a dark hole, teleporting them back into the throne room but this time, Hammer has a orb in his hand) HammerFist: *looking at the orb*. “Where did this come from?” Snowy: “Hmm.......throw it to me Hammer!” (Hammer throws the orb to snowy and the orb charges up as snowy catches it, snowy then throws the orb back to hammer and the orb charges up once more) HammerFist: “hm....I’ve played enough video games to know where this is going” (Hammer runs up to rudigator and throws the charged orb at him, dealing small damage) HammerFist: “ha! Got you” Rudigator: “don’t get too hasty now chain user” (Hammer teleports back into the shadow realm after hitting rudigator with the orb, this time, alone) HammerFist: “no one else is with me....” (The wind pull starts up again but this time, Hammer is pulled into a barricade that stops him from entering the dark hole) HammerFist: “ much shit going on” (In the throne room, snowy has tried to damage Rudigator with his moonlight daggers but nothing happens) Snowy: “tsk! He must be immune to regular damage” Rudigator: “ha! You just now figured that out? about some fun” (Mister mustard gets teleported into the shadow realm with Hammer) Mister mustard: “not this again...” (End of Part 12. Short posts because the letter cap is so small in pm)



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