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10/1/2018 3:02:24 PM

Competitive Loss is NOT more forgiving

Bring loss streak back


Stabilize the points earned across all ranks


Both 1 & 2 above


Legend rank should only be for the top .5%


Bungie, you removed loss streaks because you felt that it was more forgiving, but it's not. I know you bumped up the amount of points you earn which is nice, but at Fabled rank it's just crazy. You get 20 for a first win, but lose 30 if you lose, and if you lose another game after that you lose another 30. That is WORSE than the previous loss streak system. And God forbid you lose a third game, now you have to win 5 games to put you back to where you started. I get it, you want skilled players to shine, but the climb to Legendary shouldn't exponentially slow down till it's a blistering snail, gaining 10 points for a win and losing 30 for a loss. The higher you get the tougher the enemies yeah? so you are more likely to have a 50/50 win/loss ratio. and if you are slowing the climb down, it's no longer a steep hill, but a upsidedown rockclimb. Now I don't claim to be a pvp legend like OneSecondKill, that man is insane, and I know that K/D is a touchy subject, but I personally feel K/D is a decent estimate of how good a player you are, staying alive, winning your fights is reflected in that. I have a 1.93 K/D overall (top 1.5%), around a 1.65 in comp (top 4.5%). If less than 5% of players will reach Legendary, don't you think that is a slight issue? You said you didn't like how few people got Claymore, so you made it easier to get to Fabled, which was nice, I got Claymore in season 3, and boy was that a challenge, and I hope one day to get the Unbroken title, but at this rate I just don't know if it's possible for anyone except the top .5% of comp players. Should the Unbroken title be difficult to get, yes. Should it be nearly impossible to get, no. If I work my butt off in comp, playing around 10 games a day, I should be able at my skill level to get to Legendary in 3 total seasons. (The toughest triumph in order to achieve Unbroken status) I want this to be a challenge, I truly do. But when compared to Trials, even D1 trials, you would face really tough players maybe 2 games at the end of your card, not 60+ games when you are getting close to Legendary. So what do I want to happen? 1. I want loss streaks re-enabled. If I lose consecutive games, I want to lose less and less points. 2. I would like losses to be around 20 points for the first loss, then 15, 10, 8, 5. 3. I would love to see a stabilizing of points earned across all ranks. If this means you need to lower the amount of points you earn then fine, but I don't want to be earning 34 at Brave and then 10 at Mythic. I'd much rather be earning 25 always. Heck I wouldn't even mind if you only switched it at Fabled. As in you are earning 34 up until Fabled, and then 25 all the way to Legend. But this exponential point decay is killer, and makes Legend rank nearly impossible unless you're a god tier player. I read somewhere that you should do what you can, with where you are, for those that can't. I believe that if I were to grind my heart out for the next two months, playing only competitive with equally skill players on my team, that I could MAYBE get to Legend. I don't know how other's feel; the top 10%? the top 20%? I love that you made the Fabled reward more available to everyone, and I'd like to see Bungie pushed that further into Legend. Not nearly as much, but something, anything. Cause it seems like a impossible task even for me. Those are the changes I'd like to see. I'd love to hear what the rest of the community thinks.



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  • Being an average player myself, I'm finding that I can barely hold the Brave rank since the loss detriment is so -blam!-ing high. I can understand losing that amount of points with a loss streak system where if you lose multiple matches you lose more points for each consecutive loss, but in a constant-loss penalty like that there is absolutely zero chance I can even obtain the Luna's Howl due to having it locked behind a "skillwall" that is more luck than it is actual skill. Also hearing that people are physically *paying* god-tier players to help boost their rank, I'm losing every inch of faith with the system they have in place. Working in the North Korean area and being able to sustain your family is more likely than getting anywhere with this bull-blam!-. The only reason I'm even attempting to do so is because nobody even plays anymore and I'm bored out of my mind trying to grind for "powerful" gear, and the only thing left to do is complete the -blam!-ing Crucible pursuits.



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