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10/8/2018 3:00:36 AM

Matchmaking is absolutely horrible.

Dear Bungie, I am continually baffled by what formula you use for matchmaking in the Crucible. It's frankly the most terrible implementation. It's hard to imagine how it could possibly be worse. You need to seriously find a way to either actually mach people based on their average Kill/Death ratios, or just actually eliminate all weapon levels so that everyone has the same chance of killing their opponent. I am routinely matched up against people who are able to one-shot kill me over and over while my weapon, even the exact same one as they might have, just chips away at their shield/life. It's ridiculous. I am not a top player, but I'm also not terrible. My friends and I are getting to where we avoid the Crucible at all cost unless we absolutely have to go in to accomplish a goal that is otherwise unattainable. It's incredibly frustrating, to say the least. Please find a way to fix the matchmaking. Thank you, Scott Baker



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