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10/7/2018 9:24:06 PM

A post of appreciation. Bungie, thanks.

*Okay, so this is a long one but it needs to be said. Bungie, I have finished most of the major things within Forsaken and let me say- Wow. Thank you so much! This dlc was/is SO GOOD. A list of things I really appreciate: The story is fantastic. The lore is strong and interesting and the raid ties into the overall story really well. The whole DLC breathes life into destiny 2. The raid was tough, interesting, and full sized. Fantastic job. I'm a raider so every time one comes out that is my main goal. (My only wish was that I could have been high enough light to at least try to compete for worlds' first even if there are way better raiders than myself, to be able to compete makes the raids most fun on day one. And now that I have beaten the last wish I no longer have to watch out for spoilers everywhere I turn, and I do mean everywhere because that is.. stressful.) Being able to try to solve your puzzles is what I absolutely love about the raids and you guys do that extremely well. The dreaming city is gorgeous with lots to do and to explore. I'm sure I haven't even found all the stuff hidden within and I absolutely love that. The blind well is sweet end game fun. The tangled shore is really cool, spider is an interesting character (although I'm much of a fan with the masterwork cores increasing in cost each purchase). The barons are all unique and special. None of them feel copy and pasted and that is truly refreshing. I'm loving that we have our tabs back in our inventory. It definitely makes things easier, keeps the lore accessible, makes pulling items simple and triumphs is great to look through and see what I can do, have done and see what I want to work on. This one is for the vault space changes. Thank you. Items are organized and the extra space was desperately needed. Random rolls are back and now all weapons and gear is worth investigating to see if it is worth keeping or tossing. TTK is perfectly right for melees and most of the weapons, and supers making game play better than before. Supers are really cool and we can now "pop a super" instead of "popping my kind of" (kind of works but not really). Swords can take shaders and that's freaking awesome to make my sword, mine. The fix for ammo is welcomed. I know the damage buff is coming and I'm very happy that it is. Gambit. What can I say about this beautiful masterpiece? I'm fully in love with Gambit. This game mode is more than I could have hoped for! It's extremely fun and I really get into it. (I know alot of people complain about sleeper but, if you understand how to play this game, you definitely do not need to use it and I think people just focus on what is killing them and then they swap to it instead of just using what they like, which isn't sleepers fault but anyways..) The drifter is cool as hell and the story behind Gambit is fantastic. I cannot wait to see how this story unfolds and to dive deeper into it! You guys are doing great in answering community problems and are quick to respond now and that's really honorable and refreshing. I know there's plenty I probably haven't mentioned and if I missed it sorry. But, wow, Thank you. Please continue this excellence because this is what makes destiny, destiny. [spoiler]I'm glad we can put the Curse of Osiris behind us... Maybe in the future of destiny 2 we can get some fixes to at least the patrol map Because there's nothing to do or explore or discover. Sorry.. this wasn't meant to be a complaint post.[/spoiler] So again, to Bungie, a huge Thank you from this happy guardian! Superb work.



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