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Zulu Kodakにより編集済み: 10/3/2018 8:55:26 PM

Competitive Sabotagers

Today I witnessed something I never thought would ever happen. Me and my friend were playing competitive like normal and matched up with someone and someone else were emoting in spawn most of the game. Sitting there and doing nothing in the game other than fighting, pushing for a zone, or shooting at them at all. Later on I saw that someone on my team was playing with someone on the opposite team right after that game. That right there is what really made me upset because that proves that they were boosting in some way. Bungie it would be cool if you could add a forfeit option in competitive if someone leaves or if the game is way out of hand. It would be extremely nice of you guys, for the competitive players. Bungie if you see this and you want the gamer tags of these players message me.



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