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9/27/2018 3:05:34 AM

Asterisk: Spin-off, The Void part 4

(Shrek and Girrafalope stare each other down as they are about to begin their fight, the rest of the group is watching from a distance. Shrek holds his hand up to his metal arm and starts to create molten lava around it) Shrek: *mind is foggy*. “....” Girrafalope: *twitching*. “.....” Ben10Howard: *speaking out loud to the group*. “They really don’t look like themselves out there” Hammerfist1245: “for sure man, for sure” Robo Owl: “Hmm.....someone needs to stop them” Hammerfist1245: “you volunteer man, get in their way and you might get killed” (Shrek uses his molten arm to pull pillars of lava up from the ground, attacking Girrafalope with them. Girrafalope jumps into the air and steadies herself, escaping the lava) Shrek: “....since when could you fly?” Girrafalope: *comes to her senses*. “What?” Shrek: “whatever...” (Shrek absorbs the lava around him into his body, empowering himself) Girrafalope: *notices something growing from Shreks head*. “A horn? Are you a hollow Shrek?” Shrek: “what?!” (Shrek shoots up from the ground at Girrafalope and punches her in the stomach, grabbing her arm and burning her with the lava. Girrafalope kicks Shrek away and summons a star barrage from her fingertips. The stars pierce Shrek and send him flying into the ground) Shrek: *gets up*. “.....” Girrafalope: *rubs her eyes*. “Stop Shrek.....something is wrong” Shrek: “heh, yeah, there is something wrong.....with you!” (A burning mask begins to form around Shreks face as his horn fully develops, covered in molten metal armor. Shrek charges up a blast from around his body and unleashes a large red explosion, knocking Girraffalope out of the air. Girrafalope recovers but as she comes to her senses, Shrek is already in front of her and cuts her stomach open with a sword made of pure fire) Shrek: *blank expression behind the mask*. “....” Girrafalope: *coughing*. “....damnit, I don’t wanna have to use my abilities” Shrek: *strange demon like voice*. “Everyone will become a hollow in this world, The Void changes all sooner or later” Girrafalope: “that’s a load of crap!” (Girrafalope combines her star and sun powers to enter her eclipse state. A black sun appears behind Girrafalope as she burns Shrek to the floor) Shrek: *cant move*. “.....” Girrafalope: “removing that mask and horn will be a start to get you better” Shrek: “.....kill me.....and.....I will be reborn” Girrafalope: “....” (Girrafalope creates a black sun in her hand and tries to hit Shrek’s mask with it but, before she can reach, Shrek changed his entire arm into a flaming sword and cut girrafalope in half) ———————————————- (Teaser, cliffhanger, something.)



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