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9/29/2018 5:25:09 PM

Asterisk: Spin-off: The Void, Part 7

(Cell-3 and Saitonia have followed the noise of the fire and explosions from the center area of the citadel, upon reaching the main hall they notice Robo unconscious in a corner, Girrafalope dead, Ben with blood all over his body but still standing, and a creature with a black mask, large spikes on its back, a single horn, large claws in one hand, appears to be growing a lizard like tail, has metal armor and is on fire) Saitonia: *looks at the creature*. “What’s that thing?” Ben10Howard: *slowly walks back towards cell and Sai*. “Thank god you two showed up...” Cell-3: “what is that creature Ben?” Ben10Howard: “it’s Shrek......he’s a hollow” Saitonia: “a I was?” Cell-3: “I don’t see any of the others around here, they must have ran off to escape the fight” Ben10Howard: “shrek and Girrafalope got into a fight and then all this happened.....Shrek was fueled with anger at Girrafalope.” Saitonia: “when I turned into a hollow that one time I was really angry....” Cell-3: “you might be on to something there Sai” Ben10Howard: “you think anger affects wether or not someone changes into a hollow?” Saitonia: “I’m not sure, I can only guess at this point” Shrek: *strange growling from behind his mask*. “Enough......talking........” Cell-3: “take a break Ben, Sai and I got this” Ben10Howard: “he’s insanely strong, be careful” Saitonia: “I wouldn’t expect him to be weak, it seems all hollow forms are strong” (Shrek points one of his fingers at Saitonia and charges up a large beam, Saitonia does the same thing with his dark abilities and the two beams collide with each other. Shreks attack overpowers Saitonia and all 3 players jump out of the way of the explosion) Cell-3: “well that didn’t work!” Saitonia: “tsk...” Ben10Howard: “don’t try and go toe to toe with him, he will beat you no matter what” Cell-3: “what’s the point of fighting him then?” Saitonia: “I was able to escape my hollow form because I was fighting Malum back then.....I need to get on the same level as Shrek” Cell-3: “are you saying you are gonna turn into a hollow Sai?” Saitonia: “I don’t think I can right now, but it would probably save Shrek if I did” (Cell-3 calls down his mech suit and jumps inside. Cell-3 unlocks 2 plasma casters on his shoulders and starts unloading at Shrek. Shrek dodges the plasma bombs and sprints towards Cell with his bone sword, Cell gets kicked in the stomach and falls down a couple feet back. Shrek turns his attention to Saitonia and they both lock with their swords. As Shrek is focused on Saitonia, Cell-3 has an opportunity and charges up his power fists, he punches Shrek in the face and starts beating up on him) Cell-3: “I think I’ve got him!” Ben10Howard: “retreat Cell! Remember what I said” Cell-3: “oh! Damnit” (Cell-3 tries to retreat but Shrek grabs his arm before he can get away, pulling him face to face. Shreks mouth on his mask begins to open up and giant razor teeth reveal themselves. Shrek chomps down on the neck of Cells power suit) Cell-3: “I can’t get loose!” Saitonia: *holding his head*. “My head.....I can’t help Cell...” (Cell gets stabbed in the chest with Shreks bone sword, the sword impaling him through his power suit) Cell-3: “flares!” (Cell-3 calls out for flares and rockets fly out from his power suit, targeting Shrek. The dust settles) Shrek: *still holding Cell*. “.....” Cell-3: *heavy breathing*. “......” (A red beam charges from the horn of Shrek.....targeted at Cell-3) Saitonia: “no! At that range that blast will kill him!” (To be continued)



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