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Asterisk: Spin-off: The Void, Part 6

(The fire in the inner area of the citadel rages on as the battle to try and get Shrek back to normal continues) Robo Owl: *stands up*. “Ben, try and get him from behind, I can hold him with full force for a few seconds” Ben10Howard: “you sure Robo?” Robo Owl: “yeah, I’ll be fine” (Ben jumps out to the left and finds cover where Shrek cannot see him. Shrek is focused entirely on Robo, staring him down from afar with his black eyes behind the hollow mask and horn. Robo leaps into the air above Shrek and summons a white moonlight sword in his hand. Robo plants the sword into the ground near Shrek and creates a large area with a continuous healing affect. Shrek becomes enraged at the sight of the moonlight and swings at Robo with a flaming sword. Robo grabs 2 moonlight swords from the healing well and blocks Shreks attack, slicing off Shreks hand with a quick parry) Shrek: *roars in pain*. “.....” Robo Owl: “now Ben!!” Ben10Howard: “on it!” (Ben runs out from behind one of the many pillars that are in the room, drawing his daggers he swings for Shreks mask. Shrek at this point is completely unfazed by the lose of his hand and turns his attention to Ben. Stomping the ground, Shrek creates a large shockwave around him that shatters everything in its path and throwing Ben and Robo into the corners of the room with intense speed) Shrek: *looks at his hand*. “Heheh......” (Shreks begins to light up in flames and his wounds regenerate, his hand grows back into a dark metal material) Ben10Howard: *notices the regen*. “For fúck sake.....” Robo Owl: *unconscious*. (Shrek grows large claws from his new dark metal hand and spikes begin to grow from his back, the flames surrounding Shreks body have a faint blue flicker to them. Staring down Ben, Shrek grabs a spike from his back and rips it out, creating a bone sword for himself) Ben10Howard: *deep breath*. “I can’t do this alone.....” ——————————————— (In a strange location of the citadel, Stark is sitting idle, staring into a blank space) Mar: *approaches Stark*. “Stark, you know what’s going on I assume?” Stark: “yes, the hollow change is taking affect to some of them, just as I wanted.” Mar: “you didn’t have any intention of helping them leave this place did you?” Stark: “I did not, I have no care for normal humans......a foolish act to give them hope that they can achieve something and save themselves.” Mar: “you don’t care if they destroy the citadel in their hollow forms?” Stark: *getting irritated*. “your questions bore me Mar, if you have care for petty humans then help them yourself. If you decide to help them and return to me after, you will be severely punished.” Mar: “......” Stark: *stands up and grabs his dual guns*. “Make your choice. Becoming a hollow is a gift, those that are chosen should be grateful for the power they receive” Mar: “what’s so special about a hollow? They are evil and only care about destroying everything....they should all be killed in favor of normal beings” Stark: “ clearly have forgotten that I am a hollow, speak carefully.” Mar: *grabs her sword around her waist*. “You’re right, you are a hollow, and that’s why you should die.” Stark: “I expected you to be smarter, attacking me alone? You have a death wish” (Stark shoots off his guns at Mar, blasting her out of the room and into the desert) Stark: *looks out into the desert*. “Help the weak humans then......the hollows cannot be beaten, only those with the same power levels can match them” (Stark disappears from sight.) ————————————————- (With Cell-3 and Saitonia, they both have entered into the right wing of the citadel and are checking things out to see if its safe) Saitonia: *holding his head*. “Argh!” Cell-3: “listen Sai, if you need a break then just say” Saitonia: “I’m not tired, I feel like I should listen to what the voices in my head are saying” Cell-3: “oof bruh, don’t listen to the voices, bad idea” Saitonia: “what if it’s something that can help us?” Cell-3: “haven’t you seen the movies? The people that listen to the voices end up dead” Saitonia: *goes silent*. “Do you hear that?” Cell-3: “I can’t hear much right now, my systems are buggy” Saitonia: “I think I actually hear fighting going on” Cell-3: “really?! Where?!” (Saitonia runs up to one of the many doors that are around the room they are in and opens it, the door leads back to the central wing of the citadel where Shrek is fighting at) Saitonia: “yeah, I hear like fire burning, we should probably check out this area” Cell-3: “ok, sure” (End of Part 6) Part 7



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