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9/28/2018 3:44:39 AM

Asterisk: Spin-off: The Void, Part 5

(Over at the left wing of the citadel, NIL has run off from where the fight with Barragan the 2nd was happening. Unfortunately, FlyingLeopard21, SuperLego and MrCatman all died. Stone and MagicSpaceKitty haven’t been seen. NIL has gotten lost and is now trapped in the Halls of the Damned) NIL: *catching her breath*. “Sigh....I’ve been running for awhile.....I don’t even know where I’m going.” (NIL looks around and notices that there are many mirrors in this dark area she is in. She walks up to one of the mirrors and looks into it. After staring at the mirror for a few seconds, it begins to change. Inside the mirror are thousands of souls floating around in a lake of fire, suffering) NIL: *nervous*. “What is this place?...”. *she says to herself*. (The elderly voice of Barragan speaks up from behind where NIL is standing) Barragan: *grabs NIL’s shoulder with his skeletal hand*. “Do not be frightened my child” NIL: *panics and sets herself free*. “Stay back!” Barragan: *his eye sockets on his skull face light up red*. “I can see into your soul, a strong hollow you will become” NIL: “wh....what?” Barragan: “the souls you see inside the mirror are those of regular humans that are not good enough to become hollows. The Void takes effect on your soul and body the longer you are here, the transformation into a hollow is the result. Not all become hollows, most kill everything around them because they cannot control their overflowing strength. However, those that suppress their horn have mastery over their hollow abilities” NIL: “......why should I even listen to you? You killed my teammates...”. Barragan: “ha! Your teammates were pathetic souls that deserved to die a painful death! I am pleased when I find a subject that will turn into a hollow.” (Pistol Pete comes running around the corner and is in shock when he sees NIL) Pistol Pete: “NIL! You’re ok!!” NIL: “Pete! Stay away!” Barragan: *floating in silence*. “....” Pistol Pete: “is that floating guy an enemy?” NIL: “yeah” Barragan: “remember what we have spoken of NIL, I will allow you and your friend there to leave safely. It will be more entertaining to drag this out instead” (Barragan vanishes into the darkness and a way out of the Hall of the Damned reveals itself. NIL and Pete leave the area) NIL: *sits down*. “My Heads hurts...” Pistol Pete: *rubs her shoulder*. “Are you gonna be ok?” NIL: “I don’t know honestly....are you feeling alright?” Pistol Pete: “I’ve been fine” NIL: “ok good, I think we should try and find the others but we should be cautious on who we trust” Pistol Pete: “can we not trust the others anymore?” NIL: “I’m not sure...” (Pete and NIL seem to be ok, for now.....) ——————————————- (At a random area of the citadel) Cell-3: *fixing his eye after getting up from the sand*. “My memory is boggled.” Saitonia: *looking into the desert with a long cloak on*. “Finally awake cell?” Cell-3: “how long have you been standing there?” Saitonia: “a bit. I have no clue where we got thrown off to, no sign of the others or anything” Cell-3: “my scanners are jammed, I can’t search the area” Saitonia: “well, we aren’t alone” (Night falls upon Hueco Mundo and the sky turns from gray to black, the crescent moon still sits idle in the sky, not moving) Cell-3: “maybe we should go back inside the citadel?” Saitonia: “I feel this night is going to be a long one...” Cell-3: “Sai!” Saitonia: “oh, sorry, yeah....maybe we should” (A dark voice speaks to Saitonia in his head. “Leave your friend behind, seek the sky above the citadel and reunite with your other self”.) Saitonia: *holds his head*. “Tsk....somethings messing with me” Cell-3: *concern*. “something like what?” Saitonia: “voices” Cell-3: “I’m concerned about the others safety, I feel like they are in trouble or soon will be” Saitonia: “Shrek is with them, he’s the leader isn’t he? I’m sure he has things under control” —————————————- (Cutting over back to Shrek and the main group) Shrek: *standing above Girrafalope’s body as everything around him is on fire*. “......kill...everything..” Robo Owl: *steps out to face Shrek*. “Alright shrek, what you just did is unforgivable. You need to go down” Shrek: *slowly turns and looks at Robo, darkness spills from his mask as he exhales*. “.....” Ben10Howard: *grabs Robo*. “Are you insane? He just killed Girrafalope! Our strongest teammate” (Shrek sonic jumps at Ben and Robo destroying everything where they were standing. Ben was able to pull Robo out of the way before Shrek could reach them) Robo Owl: “such speed....” Ben10Howard: “our best bet is to leave....Shrek is lost” Robo Owl: *looking around*. “Where did the others go?” Ben10Howard: *looks for the others*. “Uh.....I don’t know” (Shrek roars at Robo and Ben creating a sonic shockwave that throws them both crashing into pillars) Ben10Howard: *staggering from the rubble*. “His powers just keep growing.....I don’t think any of us can stop him” Robo Owl: “.....we are screwed.” (Part 5 over)



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