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9/27/2018 4:55:08 AM

PCNA - PST - LF hardcore endgame clan - voice comms discord - always on - raid leader -

Hey there! I'm 25, and a long time player of Destiny. I dropped d2 after it sucked shortly after calus raid and am back for forsaken!! Looking to chill with a bunch of people in discord comms and play the game we all love :D. I have lead many raid groups in the past, and would be interested again. So far all I see is clan's posting about having an active clan, but nobody is in the discord talking and doing stuff together. Does a clan that regularly raids, PVP's, and farms, all while in voice chat and grouped up exist?! Cause from the looks of things it doesn't. Also interested in that tight group of friends that have their own thing but need 1 more for the gang to raid and do shit. I am on every night after work and typically on most weekends. This is my daily game now, just looking to play it how we did back on ps4 :P. Currently in a clan that doesn't play together.... so hit me up/reply if you are the clan I'm looking for! Lets kick some ass haha



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