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9/18/2018 4:10:54 AM

Y1 Gear Is (Once Again) Obsolete

Remember when The Taken King made all gear from D1, Dark Below and House of Wolves useless because they didn't gain infusion? It seemed like with Age of Triumph that Bungie realized that leaving gear and content behind is a mistake, when they brought y1 raids up to 390 and reprinted y1 loot with infusion. It's obvious now that they didn't learn, and have done it again. Y1 armor can accept new mods, but doesn't have any armor perks, so there's no point in spending the arm-and-leg to infuse them up to y2 levels. And y1 weapons have the opposite problem: not having random rolls is ok because the static rolls on a lot of y1 weapons are actually pretty good even by y2 standards, but they can't accept the new mods. I'm sure rewriting y1 armor to create random roll sets is harder than it sounds, I'll give the benefit of the doubt to Bungie since I don't know how to code. But we already had modding abilities on weapons during y1, if y1 armor can have old mods replaced with new mods, why can't weapons? RIP Hollow Earth, I'm gunna miss you buddy.



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