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9/17/2018 5:17:38 PM
Hello, and thank you for your report. Are you overclocking your GPU, and if so, can you run it at standard clocking and see if that assists? Are you using Vsync at all? Have you tried enabling a framerate cap? Can you run a DXDiag report and share the results? [quote] 1. To find this information, press (Windows Key + R) to bring up the Run dialog box, enter this command “dxdiag”, no quotation marks. 2. Click on “save all information”. • a) Save the file to a location you can easily find. • b) Open the saved file to view the report. 3. Copy text from saved file to preferred third-party text dump website (i.e. PasteBin, DumpTxt) and share link here.[/quote]



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