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9/15/2018 6:54:04 PM

Better gear and weapon comparison and organization

First off great job on the new world you guys have created. I would really appreciate the ability to compare weapons and gear with ALL the attributes at a glance. Yes even the ones not currently active. Got a almost full vault already and will probably take me hours just to sort it all out for different weapon loadouts, play styles. Would be nice if could organize by categories. ei class, events, types so on. Maybe tag stuff in a category as I get it for different play styles. Would like better customization on the gear cause now it's like D1 and I'll be running gear that I don't like the look of just for the attributes and perks. Oh a shooting range or something along thouse lines to test it all out in. Maybe a bounty board in the tower. Or, Just grab them all from orbit. Thanks



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