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9/3/2018 7:42:00 PM

[PS4] Seeking a New Hideout

Located in the US, Central Timezone I'm currently seeking a clan with the intent of finding a solid group of Guardians for all activities Destiny has to offer, with an emphasis on having a consistent Raid group or two to fit in, and for making new friends. Been told I'm a bit strange, somewhat funny, and a tad scrupulous. Hoping to find a clan where I'm not stuck playing with someone with 420, 666, reproductive anatomy or "poop" in their name (in any form). I know that's kind of a generalization but I've had more bad experiences than not at this point, so... It is what it is. Ideally, I'd like to be in a clan with an emblem I'd be proud to wear on a t-shirt and with a name that sounds cool with no grammatical errors. To Continue - I cannot WAIT to play more Gambit and I'd kill to have a Squad for that. Lately, I've just been playing with my one buddy through most content, running duo through Nightfalls, etc, and I'm maybe looking for a clan for the both of us. But that is uncertain and just something to keep in mind. And anyway if you can tolerate the likes of me, he's a shoo-in. I'm wanting to drop into a Clan with enthusiastic Lore Nerds, Crucible Dynamos, Ghost Hunters, Frabjous Dressers and Weapon Collectors. Are you an Ace of Raids? I'd be great by your side! I'm a quick learner and I can hold my own pretty effectively - but I get a thrill out of quality teamwork. A little more about me: I dig Sci-fi Flicks, Horror Movies, Martial Arts Action, Pizza, Root Beer, TMNT, Killing Zombies, Brooklyn 99, Spooky Surf Rock and most music with a damn good beat. I'm a nerd with a big Godzilla figure standing on top of my entertainment center next to my cardboard Ghost and a glow in the dark skull. I read books and have found Extreme joy in the works of Steven Brust, but you don't have to know who that is. I'll... Stop there. That's maybe more than just a little. And some of that may sound a little cheesy - but we're all here to have fun and enjoy our gaming experience. Feel free to contact me here through the app or on PSN @Loftmore. Let's Party Up and Patrol! Or grind for that elusive DFA... I'm also happy to use Discord, or whatever app you may specify for communication and planning shenanigans. I have a mic and I respect fellow clanmates. Hopefully, it goes without saying that discrimination or misogyny and the like has no place in your clan. Or anywhere, really. Seriously, Be Excellent to Each Other.
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