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darth zenitharにより編集済み: 9/13/2018 10:28:30 PM

Masterwork cores are rediculously hard to get

So can someone at bungie please tell me who approved of this -blam!- ass way of infusing. I wouldnt mind it if they dropped but they dont. So you are forced to buy them from the extremely overpriced spider. I am a die hard destiny fan but this is ridiculous. Im seriously considering getting my money back for this game. Thats not something i want to do, but to make it this hard for the average gamer is so stupid. I know someone is going to comment saying something along the lines of "its apart of the grind" or "stop griping" but unlike alot of people who play this game, i dont have the time to play 24/7. I have work and i should be able to enjoy this game as much as hardcore players If it isnt broke then dont fix it bungie.



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