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9/11/2018 10:32:14 PM

Ebb and Flow perk glitched?

So I got the new arc subclass for hunters and was really excited to see the new Ebb and Flow perk (using arc abilities electrifies enemies, meleeing electrified enemies disorients them and gives grenade, melee and dodge energy) however, I can't seem to proc it. I have tried it with a few different exotics and mods so I don't think those are interfering. Is there a visual key to look for? Or is the amount of energy you get just extremely low? I have used my super, many grenades and many tempest strikes to no avail am I noticing this perk and I definitely made sure it was unlocked. I am not sure if I'm just not understanding how to use it or its just glitching out and not working. Please help



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