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9/11/2018 3:26:20 AM

More Public Events

All Public Events in every Destination


More Public Events in every Destination


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The main reasons I get tired of Public Events is that it’s the same Events over and over and over again. Every destination we can explore would be SO much more enjoyable if we had different events every time. I know the Vex aren’t in the EDZ or Tangled Shore or Titan, but what if they appeared only during the events, like they’re trying to get a hold of the planet. Or even the Cabal launching their ships and what not on Titan, like they’re trying to gain more territory and take over. Same goes for Fallen and Hive and even Taken. Another cool idea would be MULTIPLE Public Events at the combining at the same time! If the events could collide and lead to a bigger event where the enemy pushes against each other, both sides trying to claim the area and do whatever they’re doing, and you have to try to stop one or the other or both would be an INSANE battle! Of course, that’s just an idea and I haven’t come up with the perfect system, but it’s something to keep in mind for adding something new to the game. What do you want? ^-^



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