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[PS4] Facts - Read Below

[b][u]Facts[/u][/b] [u]Application Requirements[/u] • Discord 📱 • 2+ KD in Trials/Comp/QP ⚔️ • 80% Win Ratio at least 📈 • Non-toxic 🚫 • ~500 games played 🕹 • Be active ⚡️ • Stay loyal 🔗 If close to the requirements I’ll consider you joining our secondary clan. [i]Msg me for info[/i] If you're a chill, [i]talented[/i] player looking to join a clan feel free to message me & I’ll see what I can or can’t do. Toxic players will get slapped with a ban the first time they display that kind of behavior bc it [b]won’t be tolerated,[/b] especially by me. So if you know you can’t handle yourself, do not message me. [b]Discord: aaron#9645 psn: IssaAaron [/b]



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