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9/9/2018 12:19:58 AM

New forsaken skills/Unfair?



Don't care


I don't know how to feel about it


Well, I'm not getting forsaken, that's the first thing I want to be clear, and I was hyped with the new skill branches for every class skill tree, but then I get disappointed because I thought that those new skills would be accessible for everyone that play destiny, because skills are a gameplay mechanic that all of us will share on the pvp for example I was thinking that everyone of us would get access to them, but no... I don't really understand that logic, I understand that new gear, new story, new game modes, new ornaments, new quests etc should be behind forsaken purchase, but I really dont get how a gameplay mechanic is behind a paywall... Even more when in the crucible we will face people that can do things that we can't just because they pay, like is not a PtW mechanic but almost feel like it. Like heck they are new playstyles, why the F that would be available only for certain amount of people? Is like if EA releases battlefield V without melee attacks, and then in a dlc they add it but only for those who purchase the DLC :V I don't know, who is also disappointed at that?



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