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"The Unbeatable Game from the 60s: Dr NIM"



Not cool!


Don't care.


Link: [url][/url] [quote][b]standupmaths[/b] Published on Jan 26, 2016 Buy a modern version of Dr NIM! The game of (single pile) Nim can be won by anyone who understands a simple trick. A trick so easy, a 1960s mechanical plastic computer can play with perfect strategy, defeating all humans. Learn the method and proceed to beat your friends, family and colleagues. Read more about single-pile Nim on the Maths Busking site: My Domino Computer. The Domputer. Dr NIM at the Computer History Museum: And someone has put the whole instruction booklet online: MATT PARKER: Stand-up Mathematician Website: Music by Howard Carter Design by Simon Wright[/quote] [u][b]My notes:[/b][/u] Gambling is not condoned?



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