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9/9/2018 1:52:06 PM

Suspended from Gambit

So we were playing gambit as a 3 people squad, one of the enemy was teleporting a lot in this game from the start. As we went in the second round after like 1-2min, me and one of my friend got disconnected, the other friend who was still in the game told us that not only us but 2 other people in the other team disconnected. It can happen once won't really mind, but when we went for another game, at the second round again we got disconnected all of us 3. And so it results for a suspension for two of us. If someone from Bungie is passing here and can help us clear this situation or just remove the suspension it would be great, I really like this game mode but if it continues to do things like this don't think I don't think I'll continue to play it



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