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9/7/2018 3:09:30 AM

Asterisk: Spin-off. The Void part 2

(Continuing after part 1, the group has gotten much closer to the citadel) Hammerfist1245: “phew, finally something that isn’t all desert” Ben10Howard: *sits down*. “Doesn’t look like a friendly place” Shrek: “this isn’t break time Ben” Ben10Howard: “we’ve been walking for awhile....” (The citadel of Hueco Mundo is all white with large towers surrounding the location, there are many different sections of the citadel. The sky above the citadel also has a strange fake look to it) NIL: “maybe the people there won’t be trying to kill us?” Saitonia: “give me a break lady, everyone and everything wants to kill us” Pistol Pete: *nudges Sai*. “Watch your tone” Saitonia: *staring at Pete*. “.....” CobaltHunter: *looking at the sand*. “A storm is brewing...” Shrek: “a storm? In a place like this?” Cell-3: “let’s hurry to the citadel” (The wind begins to pick up as a sand storm approaches, moving quickly to the group. The group runs to the citadel but the sand storm overtakes them, throwing some people across the desert with its strong winds. FlyingLeopard21, SuperLego, StoneBrixx, NIL, MrCatman, and MagicSpaceKitty have all been thrown into the left wing of the citadel by the storm. As the storm has settled, the main group doesn’t know what happened to the players who got taken. Cell-3 and Saitonia are missing as well) Shrek: *punches the ground*. “What the hell happened?” Pistol Pete: *gets up*. “I gotta find NIL” Shrek: “don’t go off Pete!” (Pete walks off, not listening to Shrek) Hammerfist1245: “well this isn’t gonna go well” Ben10Howard: “....” Girrafalope: “Hey....where are we?” (The group looks around and notices they aren’t in the desert anymore, they are now inside the main core of the citadel) Shrek: “something opened the doors and the wind threw us in here....” Robo Owl: “this place is getting weirder and weirder” (The doors to the citadel shut and everything becomes pitch black inside. Torches placed around the room light up, revealing the inside) TheChubbyNinja: “so now what?” Mister mustard: “....” Texas Jedi: “.....” Shrek: *sits down in concern*. “Sigh....” Girrafalope: “don’t lose hope Shrek, let’s just check around this place, the others couldn’t have gotten far” Hammerfist1245: “there’s nothing here but boring ass hallways and carpet” ???: “you shouldn’t speak of another’s home like that” Ben10Howard: *grabs his sword*. “What?!” ???: “don’t worry, heh, you all are guests. My name is Mar” Girrafalope: “why are you dressed like a pirate?” Mar: “.....” Shrek: *stands up*. “Do you know where the rest of our squad went?” Mar: “I do not know exactly where they are located but I’m sure they are fine, come, I can show you around” Shrek: “no....I don’t trust you, where are the rest of my team? Answer now!” Mar: “sigh....I’ve already said I don’t know” Hammerfist1245: “where are you trying to take us then?” Mar: “stark told me not to kill any of you, he was expecting you all would show up, I’m trying to be nice here....” Shrek: “answering questions shouldn’t be that difficult...” Mar: “can I just take you all to stark so he can answer any question you’d like?” Girrafalope: “who the hell is stark?” Mar: “ugh....just follow me” (The group follows Mar with extreme caution as she leads them into a small room with a desk in the middle) Mar: “stay here”. *leaves the room*. Ben10Howard: *looks to shrek*. “Are we dead?” Shrek: “I don’t know” Stark: *enters the room*. “Don’t be on edge, Mar listens to my commands with utmost respect” Hammerfist1245: “are you stark then?” Stark: *takes a seat at the desk*. “Of course. I was hoping the person in your group who was a hollow would be here...I like speaking with hollows.....oh well” Snowy: *seriousness*. “There was a sand storm and some of us got separated from the group” Stark: “ah yes, nasty sand storms indeed, just the nature of this world, not my doing” Texas Jedi: *sits at the desk*. “Is this your citadel?” Stark: “nope. I might be the strongest person here but that title belongs to Barragan, he is the king of Hueco Mundo” Mister mustard: “is he a lord of darkness like you?” Stark: “yep. I’m the first, he’s the second. I can’t exactly give him orders so don’t go near him if you see him, he’s a skeleton covered in a black cloak and has a crown on his head, he loves to kill anything he sees” Girrafalope: *lays on the floor*. “Why are you helping us?” Stark: “help? Are you all in trouble? You all came here on your own terms” Shrek: “Saitonia had spoken with me about meeting you, I wanted to uncover more about this place so I brought everyone along just to be safe” Stark: “well that also seem pretty dumb for bringing everyone with you” Shrek: “....tsk” Stark: “well, I could send you all back to where you came buuuuuuuuut I’m not going to” Ben10Howard: “why not?” Stark: “because I actually can’t right now....I need the soul of a hollow..” Hammerfist1245: “so we just need to kill a hollow then?” Stark: “yeah....unfortunately. Hollows are my only friends...” Girrafalope: “” Shrek: “where can we find a hollow?” Stark: “ can sometimes find them roaming above the sky of Hueco Mundo” Ben10Howard: “above the sky....what?” Stark: “the sky is fake......go up” (Stark disappears from his seat, leaving the room) Shrek: “let’s find the others and then kill a hollow, we can uncover some more stuff when we are established again” (Everyone agrees with Shrek) ———————————————- (Over at the left wing of the citadel where FlyingLeopard21, SuperLego, NIL, Stone, MagicSpaceKitty, and MrCatman got thrown into, they are now awake) NIL: *rubbing her eyes*. “What happened?” FlyingLeopard21: “we got separated.....damnit!” ???: “corpses shouldn’t be speaking....” SuperLego: *looks at the figure*. “What are you?” ???: “what am I? I am the King of this should speak softly when you are standing before me” MrCatman: “you look like a towel hanging from a rack” ???: “.....” (Barragan uncovers his face to reveal his crown and his red glowing eyes in the sockets of his skull) Barragan: “I heard Stark say don’t kill the guests.....but he is below me....time for my entertainment” (Part 2 over)



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