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Destiny 2

Destiny 2 について話し合おう
Mk300mkにより編集済み: 9/7/2018 10:05:12 PM

Lets treat year 2 the beginning of Destiny 2.....





Here is the thing, year 1 was pretty crappy: pvp, strikes, loot, weapons, rewards, activities, and etc. So basically we should treat the stuff in year 1 as nothing signicant because people left when then could tell they could not take this betrayel in season 1. Like no one in year 2 should think he is some god or sh*t of owning something from year 1 like how good he is in teamshooting! Dweebs may disagree.... as predictaed when it comes to the false delusions of elitism, espically when it comes to the Dweeb's claymore, or some petty emblem...... Also speaking of "Lets treat year 2 the beginning of Destiny 2": The Luna's Howl should be the real crucible reward that symbolizes true glory because the pvp for the last reward was awful: teamshooting, nothing but primaries, ddosers, and streaks for losing sucked! (So invitied toxicity for this crap is stupid) Just saying! "No soccer player should not feel bad on themselves if somebody close to them got a trophy for playing soccer in the worst season ever!" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ edit: No matter how much people disagree, this is a fair statement and people just get mad or upeset rather than think for what it is. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



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