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9/2/2018 6:49:31 AM

Gambit glitch or hacking? opinion pls!

TL;DR: person from enemy team joins our team after team member leaves. they say they just rejoined fireteam after being kicked, and were put on our side. hack or glitch? so, had an interesting glitch happen to me recently. one of our buddies left the game because he had real life stuff, and one of the enemy players joined my team. both are 4 stacks, well WERE 4 stacks. when the 4th person on our team left, the 4th person on THERE team joined in his stead. so immediately my team was incredibly sus of a hacker, even more so because we had played the exact same 4 stack and the exact same person had mopped the -blam!-ing floor with us every time they invaded, and some of my mates had whispered them with haccusations already. as the match goes on they werent too happy with our haccusations, and start griefing us by grabbing motes and killing themselves. we still won by some miracle tho, so that was lit. later, as im talking to them, they explained things from their perspective: they got DCed from their fireteam before the match started, and they re-joined on their fireteam. but when they re-joined, they were on the opposing team AKA my team. well, they saw a unique opportunity to grief us is all ill say on the matter. point is: is gambit just bugged af? or are they hacking?



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