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Asterisk: The 10 Lords of Darkness (lore post)

10: Aldrich. (Was in the story. Her death was not confirmed. Female) 9: Azazel. (Was in the story. Confirmed dead. Male) 8: Yhorm. (Was in the story. Confirmed dead. Male) 7: Montross. (Wasn’t in the story. It is a tall and slim figure with a blank face. It could liquify itself to escape and change its body to adapt. Gender unknown) 6: the wolf knight. (Was in story. Confirmed dead. Male) 5: Rudigator. (Wasn’t in the story. A heavily armored brute character with long pincer type arms, could shoot lasers out of the pincers. Has control of eclipse abilities just like Girrafalope but is able to use the abilities with no side affects. Male) 4: Mar. (wasn’t in the story. A normal female wearing pirate like gear, a short sword in one hand and a long sword in the other. She is extremely fast like Azazel and her swords control blood, the more blood spilled in battle the more she can control and fight with. Female) 3: Lothric: (Was in the story. Confirmed dead) 2: ???: (wasn’t in the story. Perhaps the strangest Lord of darkness, he can break people’s body parts and torture people with his mind. His body is complete bone with a dark cloak covering everything. The closer you get to him in combat the slower you move. Only energy attacks can beat him. Male) 1: Stark: (Was in the story, also known as “the 1st”. He is the only hollow of all the Lords. He uses 2 guns in both his hands that shoot large energy beams out of them at rapid speed, the beams are not limited to his guns. He can also use his own life energy to summon hellhounds as his pets that explode in energy bombs. He is a hollow but retains a human form and has no horn. Male) ———————————————- Stay tuned to DarkSpire written by Cell-3 if you would like to know more on what happened to Aldrich. I wrote this “lore” post if anyone was interested more in who the 10 Lords of Darkness were. I could write backstory for a couple of them but my mind with stuff like that is unfortunately shit. Which LOD do you find the most interesting?



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