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This rare blue linear fusion rifle is very special!

I have it!


I don't have it!


I might get it!


I don't care!


[b]Link:[/b] [url][/url] [b]This blue linear fusion rifle has the most range than any linear fusion rifle I compared it to! Its called: "King Cobra-4FR"[/b] [armory]King Cobra-4FR[/armory] You probably never got it because you get it is as one of the exlclusive blue weapons you can get from completing specific adventures like the Soduk or Lionheart which are blue versions of existing good weapons of weapons like Antiope and Scathelock but with very identical stats and perks with some maybe tiny differences between stats. However, this linear fussion rifle is special because instead of being a very near copy of the Tarantula, it instead has the most range of all linears in the game from what I seen, but with some stability trouble if you spec it to have the most range possible. You can get this weapon by completing the adventure "Invitation from the Emperor Quest Reward" on Nessus. I suggest instead of dismantling this weapon because its a blue (a unique blue drop for that matter), just try it to see you like it because it can really snipe enemies from far distances! [spoiler][b]Badass description:[/b] [quote][b]"Only fools dare enter my kingdom."[/b][/quote][/spoiler]



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