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8/31/2018 5:17:48 PM

Dedicated Raid teams/Clans and VoIP is overrated and unnecessary

Any1 else also do Lair several times without the above? How about [insert tough boss/dugeon/strike/flashpoint/raid/operation here] without such tools? Did Lair months ago after it came out several times, one was with Eurotrash, another Orientals, another Hispanic another didn't hear OR talk and didn't always talk/hear the other teams there WAS some communication. In fact, this user has never done anything in D1 or D2 and talked thru a headset, yet has done virtually everything and would do more if more storage space was available and had the time/money to keep up/more content (may come back for new expansion), ONLY hear, even if that! Just wanna see if any1 else has a similar experience of doing something most/all find unthinkable to do without AT LEAST hearing, let alone talking, even multiple tries (one of these was a one-shot, believe)? It's fun to prove people wrong, didn't go public about it because not everyone needs a Gamrant com article about the new cray-cray way a Raid was done. Highly recommend doing Lair without hearing or speaking, as well as other content, not just beholden to D1 and D2 without talking if one needs to hear, or vice versa, or either! Very fun. Thanks again to those who this user did that run with! P.S. NO, am not advocating for 'carrying' and deny such accusations because considering the tactics and damage output needed of many of these types of things in many programs like this, MMOs, etc., EVERYONE needs to contribute to finish (hayt it when those types of people show up to try and diminish another's accomplishments instead of sorting 'demselves out first).



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