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The four 'genders' from NMS explained in a PS4 forum discussion.

Makes sense.


Makes no sense.


Don't care.


[quote]Yunthor_HnC[/quote] [quote] I feel it's important to note that most of the 'gender' listings in NMS seem to be more about the reproduction process of the species in question than the actual physical gender / sex. [b]Rational:[/b] As in 'of a ratio', not a mentality. It means there's more than 2 parents in the mating process, thus not falling into the traditional 'male / female' aspect genders. [b]Vectorized:[/b] Biologically speaking, a 'vector' is a virus that transmits genetic data from one cell to another. That would suggest that 'vectorized' creatures would likely share some form of symboitic relationship with another. In other words, the scanner is picking up 2 life forms in one body. [b]Asymmetrical:[/b] It means that all creatures share the same gender and can perform either aspect of the mating ritual. [b]Asymptotic:[/b] Asymptotic would suggest that the creatures don't directly interact during the mating ritual. Something like the female lays the eggs and the male fertilizes them after the female leaves. Did I miss any posted here?[/quote] I was just wondering what vectorized meant so I looked it up and found this... edit: I know these are not genders but the game references it as gender of a creature which so stupid and wrong! So thats why I used ' '.



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