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[PS4] Video Game Talk [VGT] 18+ w/ Discord

Video Game Talk (PS4 Clan) Are you looking for a fire team? Just want to be in the know of the destiny community? We may have the right place for you here! Video Game Talk (VGT) is a group of randoms brought together for gaming. With Forsaken on the horizon we're looking to expand, grow, bolster, bloat, increase, enlarge and other words that mean expand! 'n' learn together. Currently we do not have a set "group" for raiding but we do have a couple that are on all the time. We would like to find enough people and give some the opportunity to be a raid leader! Ideally we would be running multiple raids weekly, but life happens so that doesn't always happen. We do have some rules (even fight club has them so are they really that bad?) The first, is to make sure you have access to the discord app; as this is our primary means of communication. The second, is to be age 18 or older. We are an adult community with jobs/careers, families, and college. Thirdly, we ask for a certain degree of maturity, we are an adult group and expect our clan mates to act like it. We have large library of other games that a lot of us play. Most are PS4 with some like World Of Warcraft and other blizzard games on PC. We have not been on Destiny consistently but we will be back in full force. We do give members the ability to invite who they want if they have been with the group for awhile, so the people who join are also people you want! If you are interested in us message me here as for an invite or hit me up on discord directly! Supergoodjob#8221 We are pushing hard for more people so come get it while its hot! (U.S based but welcome all!)



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