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オリジナルの投稿元: Redrix's Broadsword Quest Steps
8/18/2018 3:17:44 PM
I’m a PvE main and have to say Guardian, if you don’t like PvP than simply accept the fact that this game offers items we will never have. You are only entitled to something you actually put effort into and then entitlement is still questionable. You are doing a horrible job representing this portion of our community. We don’t enjoy PvP so we choose not to engage ourselves in Crucible. Resulting in us not obtaining items that are associated with it. This is a fairly large VIDEO GAME with multiple avenues of play. It has been made clear since the beta that this game is going to require playing all aspects if you want all aspects of what it offers. Take it or leave, it is up to you but please stop bitching and making the rest of the community look at PvE mains as cry babies. No one wants to read it, honestly.



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