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8/14/2018 1:43:31 PM

I was not able to play Destiny 2 at my college.

This past school year, I was completely unable to play Destiny or Destiny 2 at my University. Any attempt to play that made it past the title screen was short-lived, as I was eventually booted to orbit, and then back to the title screen. I could not finish a strike, a crucible-match, or a mission, I could not load into the tower or any social space. I had tried opening a ticket with my IT department, but they were of little help. This is frustrating because Destiny and Destiny 2 are the only games that truly hold my attention and let me relax after an exam or a long study session. I filled out a "Playing Destiny on a College/University Campus Network" help form two weeks ago, and was told it would be investigated in 1-2 business days. I haven't gotten a response yet. This is discouraging to hear, as the new school year is approaching, and I very much want to play Destiny 2. I stuck with the game through the drought and the hard times, and now, Forsaken is coming out and I am *HYPED*. However, if I will not even be allowed to connect, I won't be able to play this game, and may have to just skip out on the purchase altogether. Bungo, please give us college students something to work with here. I want to enjoy your game, immensely. If anybody has a way to bypass this network error, please let me know. The school uses a verification system for wireless internet, so I have to use wired only for consoles. Using my phone or laptop as a hotspot does not work either.



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