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Fi Sempterにより編集済み: 8/11/2018 4:38:33 PM

Please buff or replace the running loading perk for Transversive Steps.

Buff the existing perk


Replace the existing perk


It is fine


I don't care


I like how Transverse Steps boosts your speed when running which is better than the increased speed when crotching perk in D1. It is an exotic good for being speedy. However, the perk "energy weapons are automatically reloaded while running," is kinda unused or unconsidered because: [i]1. It takes time for the perk to activate when running and also for each. 2. When it does only a small portion of ammo is reloaded. 3. You would prefer to press the button to reload rather than sprinting to reload a small amount of ammo, and it is very inconsistent to do.[/i] A way to fix this I feel is to buff this perk so that it activates faster and reload a much more significant part of the magazine, or tweak it so that it works for other weapons. Another way is to re-add the perk from its D1 counterpart where you automatically reload ammo to any gun just by picking it up. You could perhaps change the D1 perk to work only for heavy or energy weapons, but indeed the perk that does not make you go speedy blows and something has to be done about it!



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