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8/10/2018 6:06:00 PM

Cayde6's hunters is now looking for new guardians| PC| PVE | endgame | helping guardians in need!

Hello Guardians, We are cayde6's hunters, the start of a elite clan of guardians to help with endgame and grinding during story. We are stock piling and preparing for the upcoming forsaken war were our first order is to protect vanguard {mostly cayde} and avenge all fallen members, for the ones that mess with cayde mess with us and well take many bullets to the face. come join us in the fight and we well see you in the skys !!!! To join 1st- upvote post to help further progress the clan. 2nd- send request for pc Also we our looking for more admin the best of the best get the best. As for rules there is only 2 1. NO BULLYING 2. must be able to make jokes and take jokes.



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