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8/9/2018 10:11:25 AM

[PC] [NA] 381 Titan Seeking New Clan

From February to August i went on a Destiny 2 hiatus, and upon returning i noticed that my clan had gone dark. With my best gear equipped, i top out at 381, i also have 2 other characters, a Hunter and Warlock sitting at 335, that i intend to level up as well. I'm seeking a new clan that is regularly active preferably during the night, doing pretty much all actives D2 has to offer. Raids, Trials (Fair warning: I'm not really good at PvP, but i always at least, play to win), and anything anyone needs help with, that we tag team. I play primarily play during the night. I work Friday - Tuesday, 3pm to 11pm MST, so my usual play hours are usually 11:30pm - 5am MST. Lastly, i expect the clan to be chill, relatively casual, and have Discord, and a mic.



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