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My Ideal Destiny3

this post will follow my ideal Destiny 3. I know many people probably have different ideas on what their perfect D3 would be and id be interested in hearing them in the comments sections. This will just follow the general story of the game, the Subclass and other such things, but please bear with me as this post will be quite long. The general theme of the D3 would be Reclamation and would focus on Zavala's famous words in D2's main campaign "this will be the start of our second Golden Age". The game would open with a monologue from Zavala saying something along the lines of "Humanity is done hiding and its time that we push beyond our walls" and as he would continue on before opening to a cutscene of Zavala standing atop a newly created Starship, inspired by the Cabal Warships, sporting a powerful man beard (because I feel like Guardians need beards, especially if Zavala had one). As Zavala and the starship begin to exit Earths orbit, our classic ship from D1 would emerge from the Starship and fly into space. This game would be a combination of several games I think Destiny would greatly benefit from taking inspiration, those games being Skyrim, Fallout 4 and No Mans Sky. This game would have a heavy focus on traveling between planets, exploring and defeating powerful enemies on each planet. Earth is the first location you could explore in the main story. As the game goes on, each planet would be their own individual open worlds, not too massive, maybe as big as the EDZ but in an open world format with other planets being much much smaller (such a Titan). The main story would involve reclaiming the Sol system and discover the mysteries of humanities past with an overarching story of an Oncoming Storm, the Darkness on its way. (This is where i explain how id write the story and some game features if you are not interested, be sure to let me know you made it this far and feel free to tell me your ideal D3) On Earth, we as Guardians would be tasked by Ikora to travel to the Swamps of Old Chicago to recover old Golden Age technology and a rumored Share of the Traveler that had been studied during the Golden Age. While there, we discover the massive open world of Old Chicago, (this zone would be larger than the EDZ, maybe 1.5x or even 2x bigger and would have a Fallout vibe going for it, even using real-life locations as explorable zones) Massive towers would cover the skyboxes and even some Hive Tomb ships that have crashed into these skyscrapers along with the ruins of Hive ships all along the streets. Chicago would be a lush overgrown city with hive tomb ships dotting the land and massive bands of fallen roaming the streets. The fallen that would call this city home would be The House of Exile. As we explore for this missing shard, we learn from a fellow Guardian patrolling these lands that the House of Exile follows a very powerful Kell, a Warlord Guardian who has come to call this city home. Together with this new comrade, the two of you aim to dethrone this Warlord and free the City. We would later learn, after coming face to face with this Warlord that he was once an Iron Lord and after a disagreement with his brothers, he was exiled, only to later be hunted by the comrade we met earlier in the story. This Warlord would then tell us that in the time of the Red War when he lost his Light, he and his ship crashed into the Chicago swamp, where he was saved by the Fallen who looked to him as their protector. The Hive ships that crashed in the city were filled with a powerful hive that now runs the sewers of the city and repeatedly attack the Fallen House of Exile for use in their sacrifice and aim to steal the Shard of the Traveler the Fallen all worship. This would lead to us working with the Warlord to defeat the Brood of Hive that calls the sewers home and nearly wipe out their breeding ground with the help of some Fallen Dregs. As we invade the Hive breeding grounds of Chicago's Sewers, we encounter a Powerful and sadistic Hive Knight, a member of Crota's brood who escaped the Hellmouth. We would defeat him and force him to retreat to regain his strength. This would lead to a soft ending where the story of the planet is not done but if given the opinion we can choose not to continue. The Warlord would gift us with the Shard and tells us he would control the Fallen House and keep the Hive in check, but he doesn't think he and the Iron Lord hunting him will ever come to terms so he will lay in hiding with his Fallen army till the time is right. To further add to the world, I think a dialogue tree would be ideal. if Bungie wishes to let our Ghost do our voice, then at least let us talk through dialogue trees when out of cutscenes. [spoiler]if you choose to continue this planets Storyline, you would return to the Iron Lord known only as "White Wolf" to discuss the future of Old Chicago. He would send you on tasks to kill Hive and Fallen aggressors who are attacking civilians who are returning to the city. This would lead the White Wolf to demand an attack be made against the Warlord who he once called brother. this would cause the player to make a choice, you would have to either kill the Warlord and leave the Fallen of the city without a leader and defenseless to the Hive or betray the White Wolf and let the Warlord live and continue to amass an army of Fallen unopposed. Almost like the Batman v Superman dynamic, where as long as the potential he may attack the last city exists, he must be stopped. there would also be an alternate ending where you can lead the Fallen and the Warlord out of the City through the Sewers. almost like a perfect ending, but that wouldn't be obvious to the player. - If the player chooses against killing the Warlord, the White Wolf would consider you an enemy and will no longer be your planetary vendor, also he will launch an attack against the Fallen Army and kill many many forces before nearly killing the Warlord, leading to our Guardian needing to fight and kill the White Wolf. The result of this fight leads to many Fallen considering the Warlord to be a weak leader and abandon him and leads to all-out chaos in the city with Fallen fighting one another and the Warlord wishes to stop the fighting. -The next option would be killing the Warlord and siding with the White Wolf. in doing this, the Warlord considered us a friend and asks us to look after the Fallen in this death as his one last wish, however, the White Wolf, considering the Fallen to be Evil, denies us the ability to help them and leaves the Fallen without a Leader. This causes a powerful and cruel Hive Knight who we've done battle with before when we first entered the sewers, to take control of the Fallen and becoming their new Kell. We would not see the result of this until several hours later when we return to the Planet Earth again. We find the City in ruins and discover an invasion on the hideout of the White Wolf. We arrive too late and find the Hive Knight, a Crown of Crota, killing the White Wolf and crushing his Ghost. With an army of Fallen and Hive at his side, he plans to conquer the Swamps of Old Chicago. This would be considered the "bad ending" of the planetary story [/spoiler] Every planet would follow something along those lines, we would arrive on the Planet with a quest and would even encounter NPCs that would ask us to help them build outposts, locations for them to call home and be safe from enemy races. we would even be able to fast travel to these outposts at any time while on the world, these would be the new fast travel locations and would even have shops to buy certain boosts, like world maps to find resources or lost chest. ETC That would be my Ideal D3, i may write a part 2 including more ideas on what kinda planetary stories there would be as well as other ideas if i get enough responses or requests for more, otherwise, ill just stick to this. Feel free to post your IdealD3. feel free to tell me in the comments below and a upvote would be very much appreciated.



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