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7/13/2018 5:19:23 PM

Gambit sweats...

Dear Bungie, I understand this new game mode is coming out and it sounds like it will be a massive amount of fun. Please realize that this is a competitive format and we would really love it if there is some sort of way we can also match up to play against our friends/rivals. Maybe institute something similar to the guided raids that you have to have some sort of token that the FTL has to have on each side so it is more limited, maybe a way we have to earn it in game. We have to play a set number of games before we can get one, that way people don't just play the private match versions. I see it as a great way to help revitalize the community too, creating new content and areas that more streamers can play for audiences too adding to the synergy of the community growth. Thank you



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