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*** MOMENTS of TRIUMPH *** How high is your Count?

This is wonderfull News for Collectors and Completionists, the Triumph System is active since Saturday 7 1900 MEZ. So i checked up my Profile on Bungie net and found out that i did allready finished some Triumphs. [b]I am on 225 / 400 Points achieveable so far?[/b] But i cant see any lists of which Triumphs i made and which especially i do have to made to fill up to 400. [quote]Where can i get a full lists of Triumphs. So that i can start on finishing up to 400 Points?[/quote] so far i did only found this in German: UPDATE: I just found it myself. Of Course the full list of Triumphs is under our account on And there we can see also that the unknown Achievements/Triumphs will be shown later in the Summer when the Event will start. But if theres some Dataminer having a clue about them, feel free to tell us. Thank you in advance.



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