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6/23/2018 5:48:01 PM

Sunshot Needs a Mag Buff - Day 5

Welcome back to day 5 of my personal crusade to get the Sunshot a mag increase. ***Yesterday’s poll had 10 round mags as the clear winner, it wasn’t even close. Today I wanted to talk to you all about the “proper” usage of the Sunshot. While the majority of players seem to want a magazine increase, there was a small group of people suggesting that we were using the gun wrong, or at the very least expecting too much from the gun. These people think that the Sunshot is only designed to deal with trash mobs, and we really shouldn’t be using it against tougher enemies. Someone described it as shooting one shot and clearing a whole room of ads. I’ve found, through heavy use, that this just isn’t the case. Occasionally you will take down an entire group of enemies with a chained explosion, I’m not arguing that. However, the most common thing I experience is killing one enemy with 2 shots, which chains a single explosion kill to the enemy closest to him. The problem is the density of enemies on any given area of the map. I recently followed a post where someone was testing how many times a psion can split before the game starts slowing down. He found that when roughly 50 psions are spawned into one area, he started dropping frames and experiencing lag. I’ve experienced similar behavior in the raid at the Entryway, Gauntlet, and Calus. This is the exact reason D2 got locked at 30 fps for consoles. The game simply cannot handle super large groups of enemies at the same time, especially if they are bunched together close enough for the Sunshot to even work in that way. Personally, I really don’t need another ad killing machine. Any gun can wipe out a trash mob, because that’s what those mobs are for; easy farming of orbs and ammo. I personally don’t even enjoy the idea of clearing a trash mob with one single shot, it looks super cool but isn’t nearly as fun (Think about killing a mob with Huckleberry’s constant stream of death). If the Sunshot can not perform as intended, a mag buff would help give it some utility. Stay tuned, - A concerned Sunshotter Day 1 : Day 2 : Day 3 : Day 4 :



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