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6/20/2018 8:47:12 AM

Public Events: Are there any plans to inject some life into these stale activities?

As per the title, I'm wondering Bungie, if you have any plans to develop some different public events, and possibly even put them on some kind of rotation? I believe this kind of thing is what the live team was set up for. With Escalation Protocol, you have the workings of an excellent concept, even as divisive as it is. So... Thinking along those lines, is it feasible to change things up? Now I know, I know... "Do people still play this game?" "Escalation Protocol is poo!" Yada yada yada. I'm the first to point out what's wrong, but nonetheless, I'm still here on the forums and still playing. So, instead of wallowing in pity, I'm going to try to start a constructive conversation. I know, crazy... Right? So community... What have you got? Do you have an idea? Would a mix up of currently mundane tasks be a good thing? Add something constructive... Complain if that's all you've got... But here I am, in my Man Fortress of Solitude (the crapper) having a moment of positivity. Thanks for reading.



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