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6/5/2018 7:38:18 PM

Bulk shader deletion doesn't solve the problem, and I sincerely hope it's a temporary solution.

Bulk deletion of shaders is something the community has been hoping for for a while now, and come Forsaken, it looks like those hopes will be answered. However, I really hope that shaders are not forgotten, because bulk deletion doesn't solve the problem with the system itself. Shaders are still consumable, cost to apply, locked behind RNG, and there's more than we can hold. Bungie, please tell us that there's more to come to fix the system! Will shaders be made unlimited use? Will they be free to apply? Will there be better means of obtaining them? Will there be a collection for them? My #1 hope for Destiny 2 is that the shader system gets improved upon, but bulk deletion doesn't fix the system itself. Hopefully Bungie will talk more about it in the future, because otherwise, it looks like I'll be skipping out on Year 2.



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