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5/28/2018 12:02:34 AM

People using TTK argument

Now and then I see people using TTK argument as to why D2 has not yet reached it's full potential. The explanation is that D2 is just following the same path as D1 so it's just natural that the D2 will be much better when the September expansion comes. That may be true. Yes the September expansion holds a lot of promises of great things to come. D2 will finally be returned to the glory days of D1. That's the claim anyway and maybe that will happen. The problem is D2 shouldn't need a TTK moment like D1 had. All the additions and improvements made in D1 should have carried over into D2. We shouldn't be waiting a year later for another TTK type expansion to fix everything. D1 had a lot of issues at release and over time they addressed many of those issues. It wasn't perfect but with some minor tweaks D2 could have been even better. So if this is the logic why would I ever buy D3 at release? Why would I preorder like I did D2? Why not just wait if they're going to follow the same cycle again. Just wait till you can buy the base game and all the expansions for $10.00 if it's not going to be any good till it's all been released. why pay $140.00 when you can wait buy it all at once for a deal and get the full finished product.
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