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5/26/2018 10:58:31 PM

Raise or eliminate cap on clan XP

For some of us clans that have just 5 or 6 members that are active or semi active, or for people that like to run just one main character but want to contribute more to their clan. I'd like the cap eliminated ideally, but this presents a problem with really large clans, theyd level too fast, but, honestly, the rewards for clan levels feel minimal at this point, so would I care that a 100 person active clan got to max level in a week? Nope, not one bit. So I'd still rather it be go e entirely. Now, if this doesn't work, just raise the cap. 10k, or even 15k max per character, make it so after 5k you HAVE to play with clan members to get the extra clan exp. This way a clan of say 5 people with 2 active characters each can get a clan level each week. By active I mean characters that complete EVERY milestone each week. Including raid and trials. I'm not saying make it easy, just reward players more for putting in the extra time for clans and such.



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